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   I make no apologies to the fact that I am a very liberal Democrat.  While I agree with the party 99% of the time, the Democratic Party is a firm supporter of LGBT rights, officially and demonstratively.  In 2012, the Democrat controlled Senate passed EN
ApolloHelios7 · 21 hours ago

With marriage equality a possibility for everyone in 2015, we are already facing backlash from those proclaiming religious freedom to discriminate.  You've probably seen articles or watched news clips about it.  Bakeries and wedding planners have refused s
ApolloHelios7 · 8 days ago

Coming out is a difficult thing to do, regardless of age, and it is important for every LGBTQIA to do, as it is one important aspect of ourselves.  While it may not be all we are, it is definitely a defining characteristic of our sexuality or gender identi
ApolloHelios7 · 9 days ago
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"I think the gay - the gay/straight alliances in the school are very useful as far as creating understanding among kids and so kids aren't necessarily so stigmatized or demonized for being who they really are."

Jeanne Phillips

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