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I saw the above photo on the PFLAG (Parents & Friends and Lesbians and Gays) Facebook page and shared it on my profile.  Due to the response, it had me thinking on the subject.  I remember my dad making gay jokes all the time as a minister.  He has sto
ApolloHelios7 · 35 days ago

                                  The Double Standard                                      Joshua Spencer   In our patriarchal, hetero-normative culture, it seems even though United States culture has progressed greatly over the last 10 years since the fi
ApolloHelios7 · 90 days ago

School Expels Gay Student! Recently, out gay student, Austin Wallis, was expelled at his private school for the simple reason of being gay.  This occurred in a city in Texas.  Since it is a private, religious school, the school could legally do it. The sch
ApolloHelios7 · 92 days ago
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"Of course, the majority of us would speak up in the face of outrageous bigotry, but do we speak up in a social situation when someone casually refers to something as 'gay'? If we don't, we are standing with the homophobes whom we are quietly fighting."

Jack Antonoff

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